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Friday, 26 August 2016

July meeting

Unfortunately Carolyn and Robin had guests, and as we didn't hear from Isabel or Kay, it left us 3 amigos, Sally, Cindy and Linda.

Cindy brought in some miniatures from Bev, who is downsizing. Some unique items, and we all grabbed some. One item is a Greenleaf trailer kit. We will offer this to the members who did not attend.

There are several projects in film canisters.
This is a lovely little plate, and can hold food, or become a clock, with a Printie added.

It took a while to identify what this pair were meant to be, until the memory of knitted socks surfaced. Socks had to be fitted onto these sock stretchers so they wouldn't shrink!  Henry Ten Den, M.E.O.  was on the canister label.
The original shape was like this, then the socks were penciled in and painted. A unique mini!

Then we made some balloons, stretching Rl balloons over foam balls.
Based on this tut from FB. Unfortunately do not have the attribution for this. will add a lin if someone can identify the creator.

Not a very easy project! But Uncle Joe is ready for the kids!

Sally attended an Alice in Wonderland  luncheon, and here is a pic of her hat, featuring playing card painters changing the white roses to red.

Linda had some fish from the $ store and painted them. Originally white with a bit of blue drybrushing, (see the label)
They turned out quite effectively. To see where she used one of them, go here.

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