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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Cleaning up

This week we worked on a cleaning basket. Sally brought a little red cap which makes a charming we plastic bucket after attaching a wire handle with a small straw to represent whatever that carrying bit is called.

The tutorial from Joannne Swanson's blog suggests using a jelly packet. She gives a pattern for a dust pan and printies for cleaning products.
We made some paper towels, which turned out OK, and attempted to cut gloves from real life rubber gloves, none of us too happy with the results! 

And made a feather duster.

Cindy made some more towel racks and towels, and showed off her mini weigh scale.

Sitting Pretty

This meeting we worked on upholstering a chaise . The first picture is with the fuzzy side out and with foam padding

The next shows the reverse side of the fabric with no padding. We ran out of fabric for the backrest., but can get more....
Which do you prefer?
The plush side was selected