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Tuesday 10 October 2023

 The white table was converted into a table for our gypsy fortune teller by adding a coffee filter painted black, and Cindy found this great fabric in her stash. She made the curtains, couch and bed. Also take a look at the silhouette on the door, both cats in later photos and the clock. Can you tell she’s a cat person?

Friday 18 October 2019

Mouse Winery’ Part 2 - There’s a mouse in the wine

Who is going to populate this little community? Well, The Little Grey Mouse would have grey mouse staff and customers, yes?
The inspiration for the little guy below came from this Pinterest image.

Maria Backstrom wine stomping dolls gave rise to this little lady mouse. 

Mouse Winery Part 3 - Winery, Vinery

What’s a winery without grape vines. Admittedly, our vines are ivy, but hey, it’s an ivy grape! LOL! Use your imagination!

Off to our NOTL library to use the Cricut machine, using the pattern from Heather at Thicketworks to
There are also instructions for making the vines themselves. Cindy and I agree that we would never have attempted this project on our own! Teamwork, that’s the answer!

As you can see, a couple has been overcome with wine fever!Lets hope they recover by the time we finish!
Here is a picture of the outside landscaping.

  And the completed project.....

Wednesday 7 August 2019

More tea

Here is the revised roombox, the wallpaper replicated with paint techniques. The Tetley Tea clock was copied from the net, the clock mounted on foamcore and the picture framed.
The booking desk was purpose built to fit with the telephone and reservations book.
The teapots, creamers and sugar bowls, along with the bakery products were handmade. Bakery shelf was constructed to fit the display.  

 The display cabinets were made from foamcore, based on this original.
Here is the finished product.

Grocery Store Part 3 - Outside

Once again we went to the library and Devin made us a Coke machine!Like the gas pump it was printed in white. After the red paint and aluminum were applied, a printie from the net was sized and glued to the front. Cindy had the coke bottles and case in her stash. Add an old bike, upgrade it to match the Coke motif, thow some green at the wall, with advertising printies as filler, we have an outside wall.

The pièce de résistance is the sign made by a friend of Cindy"s. Just absolutely perfect.

Saturday 6 July 2019

Mouse Winery Part 1 - Find à barrel and some grapes, make wine

Mice like wine too! These little ones salvaged a discarded wine barrel and created their own winery, called The Grey Mouse.

The shell is foam-core, a wall was added to the back so furniture could be placed against it, as well as to lighten the space. Adding windows helped too.

Cindy made the wine barrels using instructions from an article in Dollhouse Miniatures by Jan Yinger.

Then comes the landscaping. After sculpting the pink foam insulation as desired, a layer of paper towel was glued to the surface. The foam is easily damaged on the edges and the inside pink shows through, so this layer of paper and glue strengthens the area. Then green paint is applied. After that comes some sawdust with green paint and glue, using various colourations and hues. Bits and pieces of moss and other greenery can be used as well.

Friday 5 July 2019

Grocery Store Part 1 - Printie magic

Cindy got some display trays from Joanne’s shop in the States. She turned them on their sides and glued them to a base to form the start of our general store. She made the floor from foam core, scoring the wood planks and painting. The post office was placed on a platform. The cash register is a pencil sharpener, perfect in this location.

We soon found this project is almost as suited to depleting stash items as a garage sale, attic or antique store!
And how many printies does it take to fill shelves? Plenty!