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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

November Meeting

Kay, Carolyn, Robin, Sally, Cindy - Isabel was not able to make it.
Cindy showed off her Greenleaf camper trailer. She has done a fantastic job, making all of the interior accessories herself, except for the table and benches. Isn't the bathroom well done? And of course, being Cindy, there has to be a kitty somewhere!

Anyone for a snooze? What is an awning for except enjoying a bit of piece and quiet, just resting the eyes....
Kay brought some paper punches and we made some flowers. Serendipitiously, Sally brought some descicants from pill prescriptions which made perfect vases!
 Thank you to Robin for the repaired lights (with a switch yet!) and the carriage wheel. Sigh, so many projects.....

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Still Working on the Washing

We made some baskets from card stock,to hold clothespins, and started on some clothes pins from air dry Playdough. It will take a LOT of pins to fill those baskets!!!

Made another table for the wringer and rinsing.

 The tabletop is made from foam core, the surface scribed to resemble planks and "nibbled" at the edges, then painted/dry brushed.

Legs are made from scrap wood and stir sticks used for braces.

Cindy's Granny is in charge