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Friday, 10 June 2016

Lounging with a Sugar Fix

Cindy bought a Millie August lounge chair kit, and we decided to make it up, each making a pattern to replicate the kit.
Instead of wood, we used foamcore.  Since we are not planning to reproduce for commercial purposes, we should be OK with copyright
Here is a picture of the original kit.

We learned how to make piping, and how to glue around curves. It took a good few weeks before we completed the exercise. Both agreed we would never have persevered if going it alone, and we would not want to repeat the process anytime soon!

Cindy completed 2, can you imagine? She struggled with the synthetic animal print, and produced a miracle! What do you think? Sophisticated or what?

She has made curtains and selected wallpaper to co-ordinate with her pink stripe.

To continue the theme of sugary sweet, we made cotton candy for a refreshment stand. Turned out pretty good. 

The technique is quite simple. Take a real cheap piece of pink or blue felt, scrape with a razor blade and form the floss around a toothpick cut to size. You can also use a wire brush.

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