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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Quilting madly and washing up

Sharing our projects in the September meeting at the NOTL Cafe after our summer hiatus.

Carolyn knocked our socks off as usual, sharing her mini Lone Star quilt, a fabulous mattress, fitted sheets with French seamed corners (natch!)  That girl certainly knows how to set high standards!
Here is a pic from the net to show the design, although Carolyn's colour choices are so much more wonderful.

Can you imagine all the tiny pieces and the precision sewing? Boggles the mind in full size, never mind mini!! Carolyn does admit to having threads and bits of cotton all over the house and suffering a few burns from her Daisy iron.

Cindy and Linda showed the scrubbing board and wash tub they worked on.

Linda brought in her WIP (work in progress), a Chrysnbon bathroom, and various ideas were tossed around. 

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