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Thursday, 2 July 2015


Our monthly meeting at the Cafe at NOTL library was missing one member, Isabel. Otherwise, we had a quorum!
It was good to see Carolyn and Robin, and Kay came over the border!
Of course, we NOTLERS live in the area, and could practically walk to the Cafe, so we really appreciate our members making the effort to come!
Cindy brought a selection of fabrics to share, and Carolyn showed her latest project, a jaw-dropping tomato plant. The leaves are laser cut, and the tomatoes are Fimo. Awesome!
Congrats to Carolyn, for having her wedding cakes featured in a recent AM publication. She was not aware of this, the photos were from a previous article. You can see their cakes on her site, Maple Leaf Miniatures, along with the stanchions she and Robin showed us.

We had planned to make Roman Shades, but got so involved that Sally was the only one actually doing the project!  Here is the chaise which is going into her bathroom.

Cindy contributed the instructions for making the shades, from Maggie Melinda, and showed us the ones she made.

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