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Sunday, 22 May 2016

May Meeting 2016

Can you believe it has been this long!

We were 4 at the library cafe, Sally, Robin and Carolyn could not make it. We missed ya, people!

Cindy shared her find from the $store in the STATES -  light and battery kit which will come in very handy.She is working on a Rainbow Bridge, and has made some furred animals  which she will share next meeting.

Isobel donated a completed house to charity, and will try to get some pictures to share with us for next meeting. She is planning to assemble another one, and will look at the Greenleaf page in the Minitreasures wiki  to decide which one she wants.

Robin kindly made a replacement wheel for the Cinderella carriage Linda found at a garage sale and here is the finished project "Escape to Gretna Green", which fits inside a fresh vegetable storage container.

Here is an ordinary birdcage transformed. From this:

 To this:

The next meeting will be June 22, same time, same station.

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