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Thursday, 21 May 2015

May meeting at the Library Cafe

This month we have our heads in the toilet....well, in the bathroom anyway!
For this meeting, towels were our focus.

Baby face cloths from the Dollar store, flannelette, and even Viva paper towels, combined with a bit of lace, Bunka and ribbon can be transformed into elegant elements to fill fun baskets for the bath, to hang on towel racks or to fall to the floor in disarray.

Isn't it fascinating how each person 's project is unique?
Cindy brought her purchased Murphy bathtub, with her male bather (calm down ladies! yet to be covered with bubbles!)
Can you see the towel draped over the side? She used Stiffy and pinned the fabric to the desired shape over a piece of balsa wood the approximate size of the tub side. The paper is a local paper printed for her by a friend.
The basket is made of cross-stitch fabric, stretched over a bottle, fastened with a rubber band and stiffened. Stiffy is a product sold in craft stores, but you can use watered-down glue. After trimming, braid neatens the edges. Make your own twisted cord.
The Kleenex box is a block of wood covered with delicate decorative paper and a bit of RL tissue glued to the top.
Can you tell Cindy loves cats? This little darling is running amok in a basket filled with towels and  soaps. Love the little sponges.
Not content with these projects, Cindy made some fabulous shabby chic shelves with inventive bottles made from various beads. the tassel was from a found trim, looks great on the atomizer.

Isobel showed us this darling privacy screen she made for her bathroom.
 These are the baskets she made using baby facecloths. The towels are trimmed with lace - if the lace you are using is too big, try cutting it in half lengthwise, then add Bunks to cover the frayed edges.

 Find out about Bunka here. And look at some embellishment ideas on this page.